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Calgary, December 1, 2011 – According to figures released today by CREB® (Calgary Real Estate Board), Calgary residential sales in November increased...

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Calgary, February 1, 2011

– Single family home sales in the City of Calgary edged upwards month-over-month and showed the first yearover-year increase since April  2010, according to figures...

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Housing sales in December declined from November, and the median house price has dropped 3% in comparison to 2009. Following are excerpts from the most current news release from the Calgary Real Estate...
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It was disappointing to see prices and home sales slide again last month after a slight increase in September.  Home sales in the city of Calgary were down month-over-month in October 2010. The number...

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Hello everyone!

Market Update!  A bit of good news!!

For the first time in many months there appears to be a turnaround in the Calgary Housing Market!  The Calgary Real Estate Board just released...

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By Mario Toneguzzi, Calgary Herald September 2, 2010

An increase in active listings, combined with a cooling in housing demand, has started to push prices down in Calgary's residential real estate market....
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Calgary Market Update for September 1, 2010
- courtesy of the Calgary Real Estate Board
Home sales in the city of Calgary continued to trend lower in the month of August, according to figures released...
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Prices for new homes in Canada rose 0.3 per cent in October after a 0.5 per cent increase the previous month.
It was the fourth straight monthly gain in the federal agency's new home price index,...
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Article by Calgary Real Estate News Staff
According to preliminary figures released this week by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), total housing starts in the Calgary Census Metropolitan...
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