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Setting up your Personalized Home Search system provides added features that allow you to save your searches and to allows you to compile a list of potential homes for you to compare. It's like your own personal MLS® service. 

Once you have your Personalized Home Search system
set, you will also be able to group the homes you prefer together and save those searches. This allows you to refer to them easier when the time comes for you to  go out and view the homes.  Also, when you notify me that you have a series of homes saved in your account that you would like more information on or would like me to arrange showings for, I can access those homes, obtain the appropriate details and make viewing arrangements much quicker than manually researching each home. 
Your system also provides for more results in each search, allowing you to see the physical address of each property so the benefits are well worth the time it takes to regsiter and create your personal sign up. 


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