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For Chestermere Residents!

Free Garage Sale and Moving Sale Signs


Hey everyone!  I have ready made lawn signs designed to advertise your garage sale or your moving sale. There are ten whimsey designs in total for you to choose from and you can have as many as 6 signs per household to help guide potential buyers your way.  Attract more attention and make your garage sale more fun and stand out from the rest! Check it out! It's absolutely free, and we'll even deliver them to your door!


Chestermere Garage and Moving Sale Signs


How it works!

Give me a call at 403-399-0809 the week prior to your upcoming garage sale.  Let me know whether you would like a garage sale sign or a moving sale sign and how many you would like to have.  We will deliver the signs to your door before the day of your sale so you have time to get them into position.  There is a $20 deposit for the use of the signs which will be returned to you when the signs are picked up.   Offer is open to any residents of Chestermere.


Chestermere Garage Sale Signs by Realtor Natasha Eden





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